SPH Shop For Good Voucher Service Terms and Conditions


  1. Agreement
    • By accessing or using the SPH Shop For Good website (“SFG Site”) or by using the Voucher Service (as defined below), you are agreeing to the terms and conditions appearing below.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, these Voucher Service Terms and Conditions (“Voucher Conditions”) are an integral part of the Member Terms and Conditions (“Member Conditions”) and the Website Terms and Conditions (“Website Conditions”) which are hereby incorporated by reference into these Voucher Conditions, and they should all be read as a whole.
    • In the event of any inconsistency or ambiguity between these Voucher Conditions, the Member Conditions and/or the Website Conditions, the following order of precedence will apply: (i) first, these Voucher Conditions, (ii) second, the Member Conditions, and (iii) third, the Website Conditions.
    • SPH may from time to time amend these Voucher Conditions by posting the amended Voucher Conditions at this website. The purchase of Voucher(s) and any use of the Voucher Service after the amendment of these Voucher Conditions will be deemed to be acceptance of the amended Voucher Conditions by you.  If you do not agree to the amended Voucher Conditions, you have the right to close your Account and/or cease using the Voucher Service.
  2. Definitions



  • In these Voucher Conditions, the terms below have the following meanings:


2.2.1    “Merchant” means a third party seller of the Vouchers, who is listed at the SFG Site;

2.2.2    “Purchase” means the online purchase of a Voucher through the SFG Site;

2.2.3    “Voucher” means a discount voucher of the Merchant, the purchase of which is facilitated by SPH under these Voucher Conditions, and which shall be further subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the relevant Merchant; and

2.2.4    “Voucher Service” means all or any of the services provided by SPH via the SFG Site in connection with the purchase of Vouchers under these Voucher Conditions.

  1. Voucher Service Terms

3.1       Registration

3.1.1    If you wish to use the Voucher Service, you must register for an Account with SPH at the SFG Site and provide SPH with your valid personal email address through the SFG Site before making payment online. You agree that SPH reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, accept or reject any application to register an Account, without assigning any reason.

  • By applying to register an Account, you agree that:
  • any and all personal data submitted may be collected, used and/or disclosed to SPH and its related corporations (collectively “SPH Group”) for various purposes, including to communicate with you for purposes related to the Voucher Service, to provide other goods and services to you upon request, for SPH’s publicity and/or advertising campaigns connected to the Voucher Service and for purposes indicated in the SPH Privacy Policy, or in relation to which you have otherwise provided SPH Group with consent; and
  • SPH Group may collect, use, disclose and share amongst themselves and their respective service providers and partners, your personal data, for publicity and/or use in advertisements across all media, including, without limitation, in SPH Group’s publications, presentations, promotional materials on their websites, in its original or edited format, and whether to promote the Voucher Service or otherwise without further notification, remuneration or compensation.

3.2       Ordering Process

3.2.1    Purchases of Vouchers are to be made online through your registered Account. Purchase orders through phone and email will not be entertained by SPH.

3.2.2    Vouchers available on the SFG Site may be purchased at a discount to the face value stated on them whereby purchase transactions for such Vouchers are deemed to be completed when you check out your order cart and after we have taken payment through the payment channel described below.

3.2.3     Other Vouchers available on the SFG Site may entitle you to enjoy the rates of discounts stated on the Vouchers. Should you wish to purchase such Vouchers, no payments will be collected from you through SPH’s payment channel. Purchase transactions for such Vouchers are deemed to be completed when you check out your order cart. The Merchants will collect the payments directly from you at the point of redemption at the relevant Merchants’ online or physical stores.

3.2.4    We will not be able to process any amendment or cancellation of an order for Vouchers once you have checked out your order cart.

3.3       Voucher Information

3.3.1     Notwithstanding the listings of the Merchants and their Vouchers on the SFG Site, SPH does not sponsor, endorse or promote any of the products, services or information of the Merchants.

3.3.2    The Vouchers remain at all times the products and offerings of the Merchants. SPH is not an agent, reseller or distributor of, and has no control over the Merchants, the Vouchers and their respective governing terms and conditions. Information on the Merchants and Vouchers is provided on an “as is” basis on the SFG Site, without any warranty. SPH hereby expressly disclaims all liabilities and responsibilities arising howsoever in relation to any Merchant or Voucher.

3.3.3    The Merchants have their own privacy policies, data protection practices, and applicable terms and conditions governing the Vouchers. Before proceeding to place an order for the Vouchers, you should review and satisfy yourself as to the (a) credibility and reliability of the relevant Merchant and its products and offerings; and (b) Merchant’s privacy policy, data protection practices and terms and conditions in relation to the Vouchers you wish to purchase, among other things. SPH has no responsibility or liability for such independent third party policies, practices and terms and conditions. You release SPH from any and all losses, damages and liabilities that you suffer, and agree not to assert any claims against SPH in connection with your use of the Voucher Service and purchase of the Vouchers.

3.3.4     SPH reserves the right to change, modify, substitute, suspend or remove any information relating to the Merchants and Vouchers on the SFG Site, without notice.

3.4       Pricing

3.4.1    The Vouchers are sold by the Merchants listed on the SFG Site, and not by SPH.

3.4.2    The purchase price for the Vouchers may include transaction charges and/or taxes imposed by third parties.

3.5       Payment

3.5.1     Where payments are required for the relevant Vouchers, they are to be made online by way of acceptable credit cards.

3.6       Delivery

3.6.1     As soon as possible after valid payment has been accepted (or after an order cart has been checked out in the case of Vouchers where SPH does not collect payments), a confirmatory email together with the purchased Vouchers (as attachments) will be delivered to your email address provided to us during Account registration. The attachments will provide the redemption codes and instructions for each Voucher purchased.

  1. Conduct

4.1       You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in relation to the activities undertaken by you pursuant to these Voucher Conditions.

4.2       You agree not to do and will not permit any person to do any of the following:-

(a)       resell any Vouchers you purchased; and

(b)       commit any dishonest, illegal or fraudulent act.

4.3       In the event that SPH is aware that there has been any breach of these Voucher Conditions or any illegal or fraudulent acts on the part of an Account holder, SPH reserves all rights to cease, cancel or invalidate any Purchase and/or to take such other measures as appropriate, without prejudice to SPH’s other rights and remedies.

  1. Disputes

5.1       Any disagreements or disputes concerning any Merchant or Vouchers (including but not limited to refunds) are to be resolved by you directly with the relevant Merchant at your own cost. SPH will not be responsible for any such disagreements or disputes.

  1. Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

6.1       Your attention is drawn to and you agree with Clause 7 of Website Conditions, which deal with disclaimers and limitations of SPH’s liability.