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King-on-King MSW Durian Burnt Cheesecake

$88.00 $68.00
  • Inspired by a Spanish dessert, DurianBB takes on a Musang King twist, perfectly blending the flavors and aromas of durian and cheese. Using genuine Musang King flesh and premium cheese, this burnt cheesecake is our best-selling cake and our customers’ absolute favourite.
  • The Musang King Burnt Cheesecake is 6” topped with 250g Musang King pulps and is best served for 6.
  • Keep refrigerated at 0° to 4°C, Best consumed within 2 to 3 hours upon serving/delivery.

BB Jar Collection (4 Jars)

$29.60 $25.00
  • Introducing DurianBB new line of gourmet desserts, the BB jar encapsulates the best food pairing with Mao Shan Wang (MSW), crafter in 4 unique choices including Matcha MSW, Strawberry Vanilla and Cheesecakes. Great for impromptu dates and perfect for instant gratifications, the BB jar is pure delight that fits right in your hand.
  • Premiunm Matcha MSW mousse with MSW Mousse layers (white and pink) topped with premium matcha biscuit crumbs garnished with peach, blueberry, strawberry and whip cream.
  • MSW Mocha mousse with moist chocolate cake, MSW dark chocolate mousse, MSW bittersweet coffee mousse topped with rich Dark Chocolate Ganache garnished with Edible Gold Leaf.
  • Mousetrap in Jar consist of hazelnut biscuit Crumbs base, Signature Miniature No Bake MSW Cheesecake Coated in Yellow Chocolate Cocoa Butter topped with Mini Chouquette covered in sugar pearls filled with MSW Custard garnished with Premium Matcha Biscuit, Strawberr, Gooseberry and Edible Gold Leaf.
  • Mini Boom in Jar, consist of mango pudding vanilla spongecake. Hazelnut biscuit biscuit crumbs, topped with signature miniature boom mousse consist of 4 layers. Cracking outer layer made from green chocolate cocoa butter coat, MSW mousse, MSW Puree center and Vanilla Spongecake. Garnished with red tinted Mirror Gel, Blueberry and Peach.

MSW Trio + BB Jar (2 Jars)

$24.80 $20.00
  • This bundle consist of DurianBB's MSW Trio and 2 x BB Jars! The afternoon tea delectables has a mixture of gourmet pasteries and desserts.
  • Items which are in this bundle ; pastries packed with serious Maoshan Wang punch - Creampuff, Paris Brest & Eclair and desserts - Matcha MSW mousse and MSW Mocha mousse.